As my kids were growing up I was worried like most Dads are that I might become the poster child for the classic song Cat's in the Cradle


But now that they're grown I've come to realize I did a few things right.  My adult children seem to think I'm not too bad and want to spend time with me. 

So with the help of my Bonus Dad I'm sharing some thoughts daily to help you transition from work mode to Dad Mode on Social Media,  YouTube and the major podcast platforms.

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Experts say it takes 3 weeks to build a new habit. 

If you'd like to kickstart your family connection time you might try the Light of Mine Standard Bundle.  It's 4 weeks of daily content including puzzles, coloring pages, handicrafts and questions to help you dig deeper into the topics I discussed with my own kids.







Worried you won't have the energy to reading out loud? 

I get it, there were days when not only had I run out of words, but I was so tired my eyes were crossed.  So you might try the Light of Mine Premium Unit Study bundle including the audio audiobook narrated by Award Winning Actress Stacey Bradshaw.

Do Prefer Digital Media? 

The Towers of Light Series is available on Kindle eBook with a code to download the digital version of the workbook, and audio is available on

Looking for Other Great Titles? 

You might try the New Classics Study Guides.  They have similar content to help you read and discuss the themes of all kinds of books with your kids. 

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