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"The Tower of Light series has everything you could want in a good book series, from fantasy and adventure to good Christian values all rolled into one."

The Old School House Magazine Homeschool Review Crew

The Entire 2022 Collection

A$125.00 Including Shipping

Allen Brokken has a talent for weaving beautiful, heart-wrenching themes of family and friendship into a world full of peril and uncertainty... This epic adventure would be fantastic as a family read-aloud. Reminiscent of The Spirit Flyer series and The Wingfeather Saga, this up-and-coming series is a fun time for all ages.

Jenelle Leanne Schmidt - Realm Award Winning Author of An Echo of the Fae

Series Books 1-5

A$95.00 Including Shipping

"The workbook is good quality. Each week there is a memory verse and vocabulary. Daily tasks include story passages and chapter reading questions. Perhaps kids favorite is the "Joke of the Day" section. Other activities included in the workbook are coloring pages, crafts, and various puzzles (mazes or codes to solve)."

" I especially appreciated how simple the projects were-not intimidating at all, which is really great for this mama! It is a well-rounded study that can be done as a family, or as an individual."

The Old School House Magazine Homeschool Review Crew

Books 1 & 2 + Unit Studies

Towers of Light Novels

4 Week Unit Study Workbooks

A$80.00 Including Shipping

Allen Brokken has mastered the art of fireside storytelling. Unique and classical at the same time, Armor of God is family fiction you don’t want to miss.”

James Hannibal - Award Winning Author of Section 13 Series

Series Books 1-3

A$60.00 Including Shipping


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