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The Award Winning  Towers of Light Series Concludes November 4th 
with the release of

Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan finally reach Blooming Glen.

They must demolish the enemy's stronghold there before the Calamitous Drake covers their land in eternal darkness.


"Allen Brokken has a talent for weaving beautiful, heart-wrenching themes of family and friendship into a world full of peril and uncertainty. I was instantly captivated by this beautiful adventure. Young readers will especially love the sibling trio at the heart of this tale as they struggle to hold fast against the Darkness and strain to keep their family together against all the foes bent on their destruction. The final installment, Demolishing the Stronghold, did not disappoint. It was filled with suspense and a thrilling end to the saga. This epic adventure would be fantastic as a family read-aloud. Reminiscent of The Spirit Flyer series and The Wingfeather Saga, this up-and-coming series is a fun time for all ages."

– Jenelle Leanne Schmidt Award Winning Author of An Echo of the Fae

Celebrate the Launch with  Allen Brokken
In-Person and Virtually

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