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Towers of Light Christian Resources LLC is a for-profit company in the United States.  We maintain this status currently because it reduces the regulatory burden and limits the government places on our organization.  

However, we are committed to providing contemporary resources that reinforce the Christian world view at affordable prices.  If you would like to partner with us here are the projects you would be accelerating.

  • Increasing Accessibility by converting the entire series to audio book.

  • Expanding Educational Opportunities by producing unit studies for the entire series.

  • Reducing the price per book by producing smaller books with cheaper paper.

  • Improving Access by producing hardbacks for libraries and schools.

  • Reaching younger audiences by producing picture books.

These projects only have a loose schedule as to when we think we'll have available funds to proceed. However, we believe that all of these things can come in God's good timing.  We submitted the audio version of Light of Mine to prayer and an unexpected supporter helped us to produce it.  If it's on your heart to support us, know that we are committed to using your funds specifically for production of new resources as outlined above.

Towers of Light Christian Resources would like to extend an opportunity to partner with us in promoting and sellling the Towers of Light Series.  We offer generous per-copy compensation for affiliates via a unique coupon codes.

For More information fill out the form below.

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