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Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan's parents have been lost in utter darkness and only the children's faith can shine the way home.

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Father and the children built the Tower of Light to keep back The Darkness that was turning innocent animals into monsters and good men into pawns of the Dark One. Father joined the Mighty Mercenaries to join the battle but soon went missing. Mother followed after, sure she knew how to find him, but never returned.

Now, the children must work together just to survive life alone on the frontier.


When they go to church to seek help, a hooded stranger challenges the new bishop's claim on the church. Confusion pervades their close-knit community and the children must discern who is really a guardian of The Light.

Will the children's faith equip them to take up the armor of God and keep the Tower of Light shining over the heathlands?


I am always on the look-out for good children’s books. Lately, my children have really begun to like fantasy books. They’ll look at the library and see some that look interesting and bring them to me to see if they can check them out. All too often I have to tell them no, that they can’t get the book until I’ve had a chance to research the author and the book. Or sometimes, I have to grab the e-copy from the library and read it myself first.
With this book, I knew that I wouldn’t have to pre-read it. The author is a Christian father so I have to think that he also has faced wanting his children to read good wholesome books. Knowing that I did still pre-read this book because I wanted to be able to give it an honest review.
My honest review is. . . we can’t wait for books two and three to come out later this year!!
This is a great fun read and my kids have all been taking turns reading it. Every child who can read chapter books has read this book as quickly as they could because the next child was ready to snatch it from them!
We highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the rest of the series.
I have voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from Celebrate Lit. All views expressed are only my honest opinion. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC regulations.

For Him and My Family

As a homeschooling mother and blogger, I love finding new books for my children to read as well as for me to recommend. This book aimed as children in the middle grades caught my attention. This book is the first book in the Towers of Light Series.
I love how the story combines fantasy with Wild West aspects to create an amazing storyline. The characters are believable and interesting. The fantasy aspect may keep children interested while helping them grow in their faith and belief in God. The story takes some twists and turns that add to the intresting aspects of this book. I definitely recommend this book for middle graders. I think it would also make a great story to read aloud as well.
So check out this book for yourself. I received a copy of this book for my fair and honest review.

Truth and Grace Homeschool Academy

Allen Brokken has written a story for older elementary students based on the concept of the Sunday School song This Little Light of Mine. Light of Mine is book one in Brokken’s new series The Towers of Light.
This intermediate level fantasy novel has several things that will appeal to older elementary children. The first being the children left alone by their parents. Lauren is the oldest at twelve, Aiden is nine, and Ethan is just five. What pre-teen doesn’t think they are old enough to take care of things while their parents are gone. This age group will also enjoy the fight of good over evil and understand the difficulty the children have in determining who is on the side of Light and who is on the side of Darkness. The book does seem a bit didactic and simplistic at times which may turn some children off to the plot.
Overall, I think this is a good book for children. Light of Mine sounds like a story parents may read to their children at bedtime. Homeschool families may be interested in using the book. I look forward to reading more in Allen Brokken’s series The Towers of Light.
There would not be a problem with adding Light of Mine to a K-12 Christian school library. It is appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students.
I want to thank Celebrate Lit for the complementary copy of Light of Mine. This is my honest review.

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