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Are you looking for some ideas to connect with your family that get you out of the regular routine?

What's bigger than Punxsutawney Phil, but doesn't weight anything? His Shadow!
Where did the sheep go on vacation? The Baaaahamas!

Then you should try the Towers of Light Silly Celebrations Newsletter.



We provide a weekly break down of upcoming national celebrations like:

  • National Taco Day

  • National Pay Back Your Parents Day

  • National Science Fiction Day

to name a few.  The newsletter will give ideas how you might celebrate with your family, a related joke of the day and an occasional recipe or project perfect for your silly celebration. 

Your subscription also includes access to the Towers of Light content archive that includes:

  • Exclusive Story Content Available no where else

  • Lesson ideas appropriate for Sunday School or VBS

  • Project Plans for things you can do with your family

  • Printable Recipes

  • Author Resources

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