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Are you looking for family friendly content from a publisher that's focused on your success?


A Note from our CEO Allen Brokken


Towers of Light Christian Resources understands how hard it is to effectively hook readers in the moment to purchase the book in their hands, rather than buy online.  

With that in mind, we are actively developing in-store promotions and unique items to help ensure your customers not only learn about great books in your store, but then make their purchase there as well.  

To help you effectively market and sell Towers of Light products this site provides, sales training videos, promotional items and offers, details on marketing support for your store(s) and a contact form to request direct from the publisher pricing and exclusive items.

Sales Training

Five Minute Series Overview (includes spoilers)

Light of Mine (Book1) Sample Chapter

Curriculum Pitch

Promotional Items

No Extra Charge Promotional Items begin with wholesale orders over $75.00 whether direct or through Ingram, use the contact form below for details. 


Marketing Support

Towers of Light Launches multiple products each year.  During the Launch window 2 weeks prior to release day and 2 weeks after release we plan a targeted ad campaign that includes location targeted advertising on social media and press releases to local media outlets where retailers have locations.  Additionally, during the launch window Towers of Light may be able to provide complimentary book signings within the circle on the following map. 

Screenshot 2022-08-13 095300.png

Publisher Direct Pricing and Support 


We will respond your inquiry within 2 business days

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