Fear No Evil

Lost and alone, three siblings must call upon their faith to stand against the forces of evil controlling their land.

The third book in Allen Brokken’s Towers of Light series, Fear No Evil, releases this winter. Return to a land of knights and fantastical creatures where darkness continues to spread, infesting everything it touches. Journey with a trio of siblings who seek to reignite the Towers of Light to save their land. Stand beside them as each must face the Dark One’s evil forces alone. And discover if they have the faith to prevail, or if they too will fall prey to the darkness.

Fear No Evil shares a powerful Christian message for children eight and up about drawing courage from their faith in the Lord and standing firm against evil.

Still Small Voice

Louder than ever before, the message of listening to our still small voice resonates with an urgency that calls us to act.

This summer, Allen Brokken releases the second book in his Towers of Light Series, Still Small Voice. Enter a world that blends medieval knights and fantastical creatures into the American frontier. Then, journey with a trio of siblings as they seek to reignite the Towers of Light to save their land. But beware of the Dark One’s invading forces.

Aligned with Christian values, Still Small Voice shares a powerful message for children eight and up about listening to the Holy Spirit’s guidance through the still small voice within them.


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