Lost and alone in a valley of darkness, Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan must call upon their faith to stand against the Dark One’s forces and prove they will 

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Separated by tragedy on the river...
...Lauren, Aiden and Ethan are lost and alone in a valley of darkness.

Without each other or their Knight Protector, the three siblings must navigate the wilderness while fending off creatures tainted by evil. Meanwhile, the yellow acolyte has ascended the throne of the Iron Hills and holds Mother and Father captive in the heart of the mountain.


Will the children's faith give them the courage to save their parents?


In Fear No Evil, Allen Brokken continues the story of Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan right where they left off in Still Small Voice. There is quite a bit of tension in the story and some violence as the kids fight for good against evil. As they are escaping evil, the three siblings are separated from each other and from all adults who care for them in an accident. Fortunately, they cling to God and are able to turn some of those they come in contact with to the true light.

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" Fear No Evil" by Allen Brokken is the third book in the" Towers of Light" series. I have enjoyed this series even through it is for children in the lower high school grades. But I recommend reading them in order because they a continuation of the book before. This book is a story of faith.

I can honesty say if I had read fantasy books like these when I was younger, I might not have such a hard time opening up a fantasy book now that I am older. I am glad I took the time to read these books. And on a side note I am thinking about giving these three books to my grandson who is 8, for one of his Christmas presents, who is like grandma and loves to read.

If you like stories that have children as the heroes and that are not all fluff and sweet , then these books are for you.

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The adventure continues in Fear No Evil, as the siblings continue on their quest to fight the darkness threatening their land. I enjoyed returning to the land of Zoura, since it is a unique place. I loved the message of faith this story has for middle school age (and older!) readers. I recommend reading the books in order, since this one is a continuation of the previous books. You won't be sorry for taking the time to read through this series!

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