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Mom and Daughter Reading Christian Fantasy Books

Ellie was struggling with reading.

If she followed the words on the page, she struggled to put the whole picture together in her mind. Pictures came to her mind if someone read to her but then flowed away like a boat without an anchor. Her mother learned that sometimes if you read aloud with a child while they followed the words in the book with their finger, it could help.  But with their schedule of sports practices and other activities, it was hard to find time to sit and read together. 


Ellie’s mother heard about the pathway player online and decided to try it.  They were both amazed at how quickly Ellie could start remembering every detail she read. Since it’s not much bigger than a lipstick the device easily fits in Ellie’s backpack so she can practice reading in the car between activities.

Towers of Light Volume 1    Pathway Player

Towers Of Light Audiobook Player

We loved reading this story together, whether it be listening to the story via the audio book or me reading it to my children...

We loved having the flexibility of reading independently or being able to use the audiobook to listen to during lunch and breakfast times.

Candace Parks

Homeschool Review Crew

I also loved that the package came with a pathway personal reader. This meant that both kids could read the story on their own, as my youngest is not yet a fluent reader and my oldest prefers taking in stories through her ears. 

I would highly recommend this package.

Shauna Vandepol

Homeschool Review Crew 

 ...whether you lost your voice, have a new reader in the house, or want to include your young, not-yet-reading babies, the author made it possible for those in almost any circumstance to hear biblical truths, check in with their hearts, and enter a fantasy world without the worry of what they’ll be exposed to.

Bonita Jewel

Hip Homeschool Moms

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