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"The Tower of Light series has everything you could want in a good book series, from fantasy and adventure to good Christian values all rolled into one."
Shauna VanDepol from The Homeschool Review Crew

Light Of Mine Unit Study for Homeschoolers

Light of Mine

After their parents mysterious disappearance, Lauren Aiden and Ethan discover the Armor of God.

Will their faith be strong enough to keep dark forces from destroying the Tower of Light?

Fun homeschool resources, Still Small Voice Unit Study

Still Small Voice

In a vision, Lauren, Aiden and Ethan are called to save their parents who are imprisoned in the Bishop's evil menagerie...

but their Uncle has other plans.

Fear No Evil, Christian Fantasy Books

Fear No Evil

Separated by tragedy on the river, Lauren, Aiden and Ethan are lost and alone in a valley of darkness.

Will the children's faith give them the courage to save their parents?

Armor Of God by Allen Brokken on Kindle

Armor of God

Their Father has become the Dark One's Champion.

Can Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan retrieve the Lost Armor of God to stand against him?

Wellspring Of Life by Allen Brokken, Christian Fantasy Books

Wellspring of Life

Lauren, Aiden, and Ethan rescued their dying father.


To save him, they must find the lost Wellspring of Life before it’s too late!

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