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Can Meow Meow Save the Day?

Let the Meow Meow Wildlife Story Teller take your family on an adventure! 

Journey to the wild frontier land of Zoura where Lauren (12), Aiden (9), and Ethan (5) find themselves on the unexpected adventure to ...

make breakfast when their parents disappear under mysterious circumstances. They must learn to work together to survive on their own while keeping the Tower of Light shining to hold back the forces of darkness.

This thrilling series is an allegory full of lessons showing children confronting misinformation with discernment, following their conscience even when the adults in their life have other plans, and overcoming fearful isolation through their faith.

The series is written to a 3rd-6th grade reading level and makes an excellent family read-aloud for ages 6-14.

Mom's Choice Awards - Honoring Excellence

"I have son's who like junky books but when I bought these books (completely faith based), they love the characters and story line. It's so believable, my son has to ask, where these kids live because it's got to be so scary for them. My 11yr old is at that rough age and these books keep him engaged. I am only on book #3, but we are buying the whole series. I wish I had books like this as a kid,"
Jaclyn White - 


“We really enjoyed the Tower of Light series!! We read every night to our 8 yr old grandson and we cannot wait for the 6th book to come out!!!! We will probably read it again, it is worth it!"

Deborah Graham - 


“Young readers will especially love the sibling trio at the heart of this tale, as they struggle to hold fast against the Darkness and strain to keep their family together against all the foes bent on their destruction…This epic adventure would be fantastic as a family read-aloud. Reminiscent of The Spirit Flyer series and The Wingfeather Saga, this up-and-coming series is a fun time for all ages.”
– Jenelle Leanne Schmidt, Award Winning Author of An Echo of the Fae

Lauren from Towers Of Light Christian Fantasy Book Series
Ethan from Towers Of Light

Meet Our Heroes

Lauren and Meow Meow

Lauren age 12 is the leader, from the not so amazing adventure of making breakfast on the frontier to fighting the forces of darkness she guides her brothers along the way. Her kitten Meow Meow makes sure they are never surprised by the enemies sneaky spies.

Aiden and Daddy Duck

Aiden age 9 is the builder. If it's broken he can fix it. Whether it's machinery on their farm or a plan to capture the bad guys Aiden can find a way. With his trusty companion Daddy Duck to help, there's no machine of the darkness that can stand in their way.

Ethan and Sparkle Frog

Ethan age 5 is the heart of the family. Whether it's caring for animals hurt by the forces of darkness or making sure everyone does what's right Ethan's there to remind everyone what The Good Book says. With his buddy Sparkle Frog to heal bumps and bruises and an occasional comic entrance they add a bit of whimsy to the tale.

Aiden from Towers Of Light

The Story Behind the Story

Cat - Meet the author, Allen Brokken

When my kids were little I wanted to find a way to share deep truths of the bible in a way their young minds could understand.  I was concerned that the fiction on the shelf just didn't share the values I wanted them to grow up with.  So I wrote the Towers of Light series to help drive home values such as discernment, following your conscience even when it's not popular, and finding courage through your face when you feel isolated and alone.  

At the same time I had kids ages 5-12 that needed action, suspense and just a bit of whimsy to keep them interested, so the fantastic world of Zoura was born.  

I hope you join us on our adventure, I'm sure your family will enjoy it too.

Animated frog head

​Towers of Light Series by Allen Brokken, Narrated by Stacey Bradshaw

  • Book 1: "Light of Mine"

  • Book 2: "Still Small Voice" 

  • Book 3: "Fear No Evil"

  • Book 4: "Armor of God"

  • Book 5: "Wellspring of Life"

  • Book 6: "Demolishing the Stronghold"

Bonus Content

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Duck - Kids Love The Adventure
Allen Brokken, Author of Towers Of Light

Allen is a teacher at heart, a husband and father most of all. He's a joyful writer by the abundant grace of God. He began writing the Towers of Light series for his own children to help him illustrate the deep truths of the Bible in an engaging and age-appropriate way. 

He’s dedicated 18 years of his life to volunteer roles in children’s ministry and youth development.  Now that his own children are off to college, he’s telling stories and sharing clean humor on social media @allenbrokkenauthor and through his newsletter (subscribe here )

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