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Lego Day is on January 28th, 2024!

Fun things to do on Lego Day:

  • measure things with your Legos

  • get a new Lego set

  • go to a Lego store

  • watch The Lego movie

  • make Lego art: Dip your Legos in paint and make creative picture prints with them

  • try to do some robotics with Legos

  • make a marble course with Legos

  • use them in any kind of sensory item, playdough, sand, etc.

  • make a boat that floats and see how many minifigures you can attach to it before it sinks

  • Get different colored stamp pads and construction paper. Stamp designs on the paper to make some fun note cards

  • make a birdhouse out of Legos

  • make a Lego mosaic

  • make a pencil holder out of Legos for your desk

  • have a Lego Minifigure hunt

  • take pictures of minifigures doing different things around the house and/or outside and make up stories to go with the pictures.

Lego Building Challenges

Building challenges can be anything you can think up! Challenge each other to build for a specified amount of time, then decide who built the most creative, detailed, best-themed, etc. Or, use some of the ideas below.

Give everyone the exact same Lego pieces and see what everyone builds out of them.

Have a blindfolded building challenge.

Pick a theme!

For example, use something specific like:

build something from a specific movie or book, something from a specific geographical place, or a specific thing or animal.

Themes can also be broad like:

  • Space

  • Adventure

  • Movies

  • Literature

  • Jungle

  • City

  • Food

  • Animal

  • Fashion

  • Fairy tales

Add Sound Effects to Your Legos

Fun Lego Facts

  • There are over 4 billion Lego minifigures in the world

  • The name Lego comes from the two first letters of the two words leg godt. These are Danish words that mean "play well."

  • Lego helps make prosthetics for kids

  • A set of Legos went to the International Space Station in 2011

  • There are roughly 7 sets of Legos sold every second

  • Lego makes more tires each year than Goodyear and Bridgestone

  • The most expensive Lego minifigures ever made were two 14k gold Star Wars figures, both C-3PO

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