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National Buy a Book Day is September 7th

Updated: Mar 26

I know it can be hard for parents to find clean books for their kids to read. So for National Buy a Book Day I thought I would share some of my favorite middle-grade and young-adult titles.

Middle Grade

What if your plastic dinosaurs came to life?

I love this book because it's a super fun, fast read. I picked it up on a Sunday after church and didn't put it down until it was done. Great for middle grade readers.

What if you discovered soda pop that gave you superpowers with each sip?

This book continues the Iggy & Oz series with more face paced fun. Every flavor of soda has a different power. I had to chuckle when I found out what Strawberry wind did.

The Snow Globe Travelers - Samuels Legacy - K.A. Cummins

What if you picked up a snow globe and it took you to a different world?

This book is a portal fantasy where Sarah is taken to a distant planet when she accidentally activates a snow globe. I had the fortune of being in K.A. Cummins critique group while she was writing this story and it's a great middle-grade read with lots of unique elements.

An Echo of the Fae - Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

What if you found you had a long-lost sister in desperate need of help?

This tale of fairies and dragons was the 2021 Realm Makers award winner for middle grade! That said it is a bit of an upper middle-grade book that even an older teen might like.

What if telling the truth could get you killed, but remaining silent could be worse?

What I like best about Tim Shoemaker's books are the way his characters have very real and credible internal dialog about their struggles that include their faith. It makes his books both realistic and enjoyable not just for kids but adults too.

The Clockwork Dragon - James R. Hannibal

What if a deep conspiracy put you on trial for your life?

This series stands out as an interesting mix of fantasy and reality. Where ancient myths and legends come to life in a contemporary setting.

The Story Peddler - Lindsay A. Franklin

What if the stories you told became objects of high art?

This story of a kingdom on the verge of chaos is a Realm Makers award winner. What's most unique about it is the way the stories the weavers tell become objects and the truth revealed in their art has consequences for the whole nation.

Young Adult

Dragon's Future - Kandi J Wyatt

Scarlett Moon - S.D. Grimm

Daughter of Light - Morgan L. Busse

Son of Truth - Morgan L. Busse

Heir of Hope - Morgan L. Busse

An Unexpected Adventure - Kandi J. Wyatt

The Errant King - Wayne Thomas Batson

The Lost Descendants - L.A. Thornhill

Runaway Lyrics - C.O. Bonham

Tainted - Morgan L. Busse

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