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Trim Healthy Low-Carb Meat Lovers Pizza

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

One of the big things I missed when we started the Trim Healthy Mama plan was thin crust meat lovers pizza. I know there are all kinds of ways to make “on-plan” pizza but I haven’t figured out how to get a really good crispy crust that my friends and family that are NOT “on-plan” would appreciate.

That said, what my friends that also liked a good meat-lover’s pizza like it for is the meat. So as I went down the list of thin and crispy things in my head, I realized that bacon is both meat and thin and crispy. So maybe, just maybe I could make a bacon crust pizza.

I worked at McDonald's as a teen and they had these flat crispy bacon circles they’d put on a bacon egg and cheese biscuit, so I thought I might go that route. Then by chance, I found a picture on Pinterest of a bacon lattice pizza. From there I knew I had struck trim healthy gold, crispy and meat! I knew this would be a hit at any game day party.

I’ve tried this a few times and the following recipe makes individual-sized pizzas that are good for a single meal. Note that most guys can get away with one pizza made the way I’m putting it together and still lose weight, but my wife has to make them a little lighter just because in a day she doesn’t need as much energy as I do. So I’ll share her lighter version at the end.

Also, I’m sharing how I made my most recent batch, other than the bacon you can vary the rest to make your perfect thin crust pizzas.


  • 3-4 Slices Thick Cut bacon

  • 4 Slices Large Pepperoni

  • 1 Slice Canadian Bacon

  • 1 Slice Provolone Cheese

  • ¼ Cup Mozzarella Cheese

  • 2 tablespoons no sugar added pizza sauce




Roasting pan - Note on the roasting pan, I find that the bacon cooks more consistently when it’s elevated in an oven so the juices pool below it in a roasting pan. If you just put it in the pan you end up with places where it’s deep-fried and scorched and others not done at all. For a crispy crust, you need to cook the bacon uniformly. If you don’t have a roasting pan a wire rack on top of a regular cookie sheet will do.