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World Rock, Paper, Scissors Day is August 27, 2023!

Best two out of three?

How many times have you tried to talk your opponent into this after losing Rock Paper Scissors? I know I have lots of times! This game has been a playground and backyard favorite for years! It has the power to settle a major decision or argument without debate in a matter of seconds! The World Rock Paper Scissors Association (WRPSA) first began to celebrate World Rock Paper Scissors Day in 2014, but it dates back to the Chinese Han Dynasty! Whoa! Try some of these activities out to help celebrate this timeless game.

Fun Activities

  • Play Rock Paper Scissors, of course!

  • See how many decisions you can make with this game today: red or blue shirt? burgers or chicken? You get the idea!

  • Learn more about the history of Rock Paper may be surprised!

  • Watch a Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

  • Plan your own tournament with family and friends, with a real prize for the winner!

  • Branch out a bit: paint or collect rocks, make your own stationery or do origami, use different kinds of craft scissors, or try scrapbooking

  • Read the book The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors by Drew Daywalt

  • Or watch the author read it on YouTube here: 🗿📃✂️The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors (Full Cinematic Version)Kids Book Read Aloud by Drew Daywalt - YouTube


Last One Standing

1. Give each person in the group that is playing the same number of something. It needs to be a small item and the number of items depends on how long you want the game to go on. Examples: 10-15 small pieces of wrapped candy, marbles, pennies, etc.

2. Tell them to partner up and play a game of Rock Paper Scissors. The loser must give up one item. They then find a new partner.

3. When a player is out of items, they are out of the game.

4. Last one standing wins!

Rock Paper Scissors Tag

  1. Divide into two teams.

  2. Have the play area divided down the middle with an end safe zone for each team on each side.

  3. Have each team secretly decide if they are going to play rock, paper, or scissors (the whole team will play the same thing).

  4. Have the teams meet in the middle facing each other and play Rock Paper Scissors.

  5. The winning team will chase the losing team back to their safe zone.

  6. Anyone tagged before reaching their safe zone becomes a member of the other team.

  7. Play until all members are a part of one team.

  8. OR Designate a time limit. The team with the most members wins.

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