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Appreciate a Dragon Day is on January 16th, 2024!

The Calamitous Drake was such a fun part of Demolishing the Stronghold to write about! Dragons make a powerful nemesis! If you've read it, I hope you enjoyed what the dragon brought to the story. Dragons have been around for thousands of years in mythology and folklore, and even in the Bible! Here are just a few of my favorite dragons, besides the Calamitous Drake, of course. Are they some of yours?

  • Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon

  • Falkor the Luck Dragon from The Never Ending Story

  • Mushu from Mulan

  • Elliott from Pete's Dragon

  • Smaug from The Hobbit

Some fun Dragon Crafts

Flying Dragons


  • empty toilet paper tube

  • construction paper

  • craft paint (optional)

  • glue

  • scissors

  • markers

  • 5 ft. of yarn


  • To make the dragon's body, cover the toilet paper tube in whatever color of construction paper you want the dragon to be. *Optional, you can choose to paint the tube instead if you wish for more detail.

  • Cut out the shape of the head, wings, tail, and feet from the colored construction paper and add details with markers. Then, glue them onto the roll. Put the head on the top front, wings on the top back, and feet on the sides. Put the tail on the bottom back. You can add a thin oval on the front of the tube under the head to look like the dragon's belly. Let the glue dry.

  • Take a 5-foot length of yarn and hang it over a doorknob so that equal amounts of yarn hang off each side.

  • Thread both ends of the yarn through the top of the tube so that both strings hang out the bottom.

  • When you pull on both of the strings in an outward motion (horizontally), the dragon will fly up the strings.

  • When you let the strings fall back together, the dragon will come back down.

Clothespin Dragons


  • clothespins

  • tempera paint

  • craft glue

  • construction paper

  • scissors

  • small googly eyes


  • First, paint your clothespins whatever color you want your dragon to be. Let dry fully.

  • Fold a piece of construction paper in half and draw one of your dragon's wings out from the folded part. You may want to hold it up to your clothespin to help with the sizing of your wing.

  • Cut it out on the line you drew. When you unfold it, you should have two symmetrical wings. Glue them on top of your clothespin dragon.

  • Glue on your googly eyes to the end of the clothespin where you want them to be.

  • Finally, cut out some orange, red, or yellow construction paper in the shape of a flame and glue it to the inside lower part of the clip of the clothespin so that it looks like your dragon is breathing fire.

How about a Dragon-Themed Snack?

Dragon fruit smoothie

  • 1 bag of frozen Dole Smoothie Blends of tropical fruit blend with dragon fruit (Also called pitaya, you can find Dragon Fruit in the frozen fruit section. It pairs well with most fruit so you can customize what fruit you would like in your smoothie!)

  • ½ cup vanilla yogurt OR any kind of yogurt you prefer

  • ¾ cup water (Optional: 1/2 cup of fruit juice) OR add ice to make your smoothie a slushie!

Blend all these ingredients together and enjoy!

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