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August 12, 2023, is National Bowling Day!

Today, I'm thrilled to discuss a special day that brings people together for some traditional fun. Yep, I'm talking about National Bowling Day. Today gives us a chance to make memories with loved ones while having fun! On National Bowling Day, there is something for everyone, whether you are an experienced pro or just a beginner.

Read on for lots of ways to give your bowling game a little extra pizzazz!

Bowling games

Bowling Jenga

For the most part, the rules of regular Jenga apply to Bowling Jenga, with a few added rules. Every time you bowl a frame, you then make a move in the Jenga game.

  • If you bowl a spare, you skip your turn.

  • Every time you bowl a strike, you skip your turn twice.

  • If you roll a gutterball, you make two turns.

  • The game also turns into a game of pace – you have to make a move by the time the person behind you has finished bowling.

Bowling with Trivia

  • Divide into two groups. One team member bowls and another team member reads a trivia question to the other team.

  • Before the first team has finished bowling, the opposing team has to respond to the question.

  • The team score is increased by two points for each question that is correctly answered.

Doubles Bowling

  • Divide into pairs

  • Each person in the pair bowls one ball in each frame

  • This is especially fun if you have a group of people with different levels of skill

  • Pair up beginners with more seasoned bowlers!

Wacky Bowling

Think up a bunch of wacky (yet safe) ways to bowl and write them on strips of paper. Fold them in half and place them in a small plastic container. Each bowler must draw from the container and bowl the way the paper says. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Granny style (with both hands rolling forward)

  • Backward granny style (turn your back to the pins and roll the ball between your legs)

  • Bowl on tippy toes

  • Bowl with your non-dominant hand

  • Bowl in slow motion

  • Rolling the ball with both hands with eyes closed at the line

  • Bowl sitting down

  • Bowl through someone else's legs (carefully!)

  • Dance bowling (do your favorite dance move up to the line)

Bowling Alley Scavenger Hunt

You can get creative and have fun with this. Since there are not as many things to actually collect in a bowling alley, a photo scavenger hunt is a great idea! Have the bowlers who are not bowling work on it when it's not their turn to bowl, or do it after your game is over depending on what's on your list of items. Here are a few suggestions:

  • picture of different colors of bowling balls (you pick-be sure to include a swirly colored one)

  • picture of the whole team each holding a purple bowling ball

  • picture of the concession stand menu

  • a cup from the concession stand

  • bonus points- picture of an employee signing the cup

  • picture of someone's score of 200 points

  • video of someone bowling a strike

  • video of someone bowling a gutter ball

  • picture of someone playing a game in the arcade

  • the number of lockers in the bowling alley

  • picture of someone's bowling bag

You could also go Moonlight Bowling for a fun change or play 9-pin, where knocking down 9 pins instead of 10 counts as a strike. I'm sure you'll find a way to enjoy National Bowling Day!

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