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August 5, 2023, is Sandcastle Day!

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Building sandcastles is one of the most cherished beach hobbies, and today is the day to celebrate it. Nothing compares to the sensation of sinking your toes into warm sand, enjoying the sun's rays, and making something lovely with your own two hands. On Sandcastle Day, there is fun for everyone, whether you are a seasoned pro or a novice builder.

You're going to need the right tool to create your sandcastle. Although a bucket and a shovel are a must, plastic spoons and knives can really add the fine details. Some other fun tools to add might be plastic measuring cups and spoons, small spatulas, popsicle sticks, and paintbrushes. A plastic spray bottle to re-wet the sand in small can come in handy for really delicate work.

Creating a strong foundation is makes all the difference. You'll need to pack wet sand firmly in your bucket before setting it in place. You can layer buckets on top of buckets to build spires and really make it reach for the start. Try out a variety of shapes and designs without fear because you can always repack it and try again.

It's ok if you don't live by the ocean. Many lakes and rivers have sand as well. Or, you could play with sand at your local park or purchase some play sand for your own backyard.

Did you know that there are benefits to playing in the sand? By making sandcastles you are experiencing the texture of the sand, which can be relaxing to your brain. It also helps foster your creativity and your imagination by thinking of ways to make your sandcastle stand out. Carrying buckets of sand, digging, and shaping also provide some great exercise. Finally, it's a just great way to have fun!

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