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Injustice is a Gospel Issue

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

On May 25th America watched a great tragedy, a man in Minneapolis died with a police officer's knee on his back while pleading for his life. Since then, protests and riots have flooded our streets and towns, and Americans have become more and more divided.

Black vs. white

Cops are bad vs. cops are good.

Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter

As we have moved forward with this, the lines of nuance have continued to become more blurred, everyone is screaming louder and louder, but no one is getting anywhere. I have felt so much anger, so much frustration, and so much sorrow about my nation. Throughout this week, I have written up many drafts that I nearly posted to social media; I didn't because I knew my feeble words on Instagram would not change Americans' hearts and minds.

But, I know what does, the good news of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday I realized what America needs is not the newest "hot-take" on what's going on, but the gospel.

God created us in his image to love Him and to be loved by Him. Adam and Eve chose to love themselves more than the God that gave them the breath in their lungs and plunged the world into this distortion of God's beloved creation. God the Son, then steps down from Heaven and then enters the world we do, a crying baby Jesus. He experienced injustice, the greatest injustice of all he died for the sins of all of us. He suffered the most horrible physical death imaginable, all while holding the weight of the whole world's sin on his shoulders. Three days later, he rose again, now we can be in a relationship with the Father, just as he is; to love and love Him and be loved by Him, just as we were created to be.

That, my brothers and sisters, changes hearts.

Believers, I challenge you to post and talk about the gospel as much as the political and social solutions that the world advocates. I am not saying to not speak out against systems that don't honor people, but the best solution is for people to know the God of justice.

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