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Last-Minute Shopper's Day is on December 24th, 2023!

Shopping Tips to Reduce Stress

  • To avoid impulse purchases, make a shopping list and stick to it.

  • Plan your shopping itinerary ahead of time to save time and prevent unnecessary backtracking.

  • To avoid congested stores, use online shopping and delivery options.

  • To avoid overpaying, make a budget and stick to it.

  • Check store hours to avoid any surprises.

  • To avoid crowds and long waits, shop at off-peak hours.

  • To retain energy and reduce stress, take breaks and keep hydrated.

Last-Minute Shopping Gift Ideas

  • Gift cards to well-known businesses or online stores

  • Beauty, food, and hobby subscription boxes

  • Experiences such as concert or theater tickets, spa vouchers, or cooking lessons

  • Gadgets and accessories for tech

  • Homemade gifts such as baked goods, or check these out: National Make a Gift Day is on December 3rd, 2023! (

  • Do you have a unique skill, such as painting, ceramics, or photography? Perhaps you're an expert in childcare, gardening, or dog walking. Make a coupon for your service that may be utilized in the coming weeks.

  • Get creative by making your own gift baskets. For example:

Movie theme: Put a gift card to the movies in a popcorn bucket with microwave popcorn and movie candy.

Beach theme: Put new beach towels, sunscreen, and swim goggles into a beach bag.

Kitchen theme: Buy a new large pot and fill it with a few new spices or seasonings, and throw in some new cooking utensils and kitchen towels.

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