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National Teacher's Day is May 7th, 2024

Today's the day to thank a teacher! Tell your kids a story about your favorite teacher and what made them so amazing. I had a science teacher that did super cool things. He played the guitar, took us on nature walks, made archeological digs, and he even turned our classroom into a mini planetarium! If you're a homeschool mom then take the day off! Or, plan some fun things to do with your kids in honor of the day. You deserve it!

Ways to Appreciate Teachers in Your Life

  • gift cards (Teachers love them!)

  • thank you cards...Make them personal. Tell the teachers in your life just what makes them special.

  • offer to volunteer your time to help in whatever way they need a hand

  • organize a teacher luncheon (or bring lunch for your child's teacher)

  • restock teacher or classroom supplies

  • make a gratitude wall outside the classroom where everyone can post reasons why they are thankful for their teacher

  • make different teacher awards

  • have your student create a special art project, poem, or song for their teacher

  • organize with other parents and make a gift basket full of self-care items

  • treat them to a spa day

  • take them a flower bouquet or small plant

  • greet them in the morning with their favorite coffee or tea

  • find out what their favorite sweet treat is and make sure they have enough for the rest of the school year

Do you think that Lauren, Ethan, & Aiden went to school? Or, do you think that they were taught at home? Mother was helping Ethan with his lessons in Light of Mine. Many children in the 1800s learned at home. If they did go to school, they would have most likely attended school in a one-room schoolhouse as was the norm in 1800s America. Teachers have quite a bit more to work with today! Here are some interesting ways that school was different back then.

  • the one-room schoolhouse held first through eighth grade with only one teacher

  • many students ended their education on completion of the eighth grade

  • sometimes the older students helped teach the younger students

  • students always walked to school, and some walked up to 4 to 5 miles each way!

  • students' school supplies consisted of slate and chalk

  • lunch was never provided

  • students often left school to return to help on their farm during busy times like harvest

  • they used memorization and recitation to learn their lessons

  • discipline was very strict in school. Punishments might include repetitive writing, holding books for long amounts of time, wearing a Dunce cap, or being hit on the knuckles or hands with a ruler. (ouch!)


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