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Make Your Own Mini Golf Course for World Mini Golf Day on Sept. 21st

When you go to play mini golf, what's your favorite color of golf ball? If your family was anything like mine, picking out the color of your golf ball was always a big deal! Have you ever gone back and asked to switch your color if you weren't doing so well, just to see if your luck would change? We always had (and still have) a great time playing mini golf. Here are some fun ideas to create your own mini golf course at home! Remember, you're only limited by your own imagination!

Do It Yourself Mini Golf Course Ideas


  • Use lots of cardboard boxes! You can cut these all sorts of ways to make different obstacles

  • Cut and decorate them so they look like an animal with legs, putt underneath them

  • Make them anything with a gaping mouth and use streamers for teeth, putt through them

  • Glue toilet paper rolls to a flat side of a cardboard box (standing up and/or lying flat), putt around them

  • Use a cardboard ramp going down some stairs as a starting point for one of your holes.

  • Attach a paper propeller with a brad in front of a cut out opening in the box and have someone flick the propeller as someone tries to putt through it

  • Use different sized boxes for your ending points with actual holes to get your golf balls into. You will have to prop the boxes up a bit (you can decide how far each one is propped up). Use blocks or books to prop them up. You can also use cardboard for the ramps up to your propped up boxes. Then use applesauce or fruit cups for the "holes" in the bottoms of the boxes, just cut a hole for them to fit and the ridges of the cups should hold them in for you!

Different items you can use for obstacles:

  • plastic cups

  • pool noodles

  • hangers

  • cereal boxes

  • round oatmeal containers

  • cans

  • stuffed or plastic animals

  • large building blocks

  • buckets

  • baskets

  • plastic cutting boards

  • folding tables & chairs

Get creative and have FUN!!!!

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