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March 3, 2024, is National If Pets Had Thumbs Day!

Don't you think that Sparkle Frog would have a much easier time riding around on Ethan's head if he had thumbs? What about Daddy Duck? I bet he would be bringing Aiden all kinds of tools, and Aiden would probably even teach him how to use a few! I have to say that Meow Meow might get into some serious mischief with thumbs though! What do you think would happen? Do you think it would change how they were able to help their friends in the story if the animals had thumbs?

What do you think modern-day pets would do with thumbs? I'm pretty sure that I would have to put some child-proof locks on the cabinets and the fridge to keep my pets from snacking! I would also have to find a way to keep my cat Fitz from being able to get out of the front door because he is always trying to sneak out and cause trouble in the neighborhood. What do you think? Would your pet let themselves out, play fetch alone, or confiscate the remote? Maybe you'd catch your pets in a thumb wrestling match! See who can come up with the most creative story at dinner tonight!

Here's a fun activity:

  • Take a picture of your pet and send it to a friend or family member via email

  • Include in the email: 1. a list of family and friends in numerical order with email addresses. 2. a message relaying that you would like to know what kind of activity, mischief, or mayhem they think your pet would get into if they had thumbs. Ask them to type the message in the email and then forward it on to the next person on the list. Be sure to include your name and email as the last person on the list so that it gets sent back to you.

  • You will have lots of fun reading all of the answers that you get back and you may be able to turn it into a story of your own!

  • Be sure to send the completed version back to everyone who participated, so they can enjoy it too.


Did you know that these animals DO have opposable thumbs?

  • monkeys

  • apes

  • opossums & possums

  • lemurs

  • koalas

  • pandas

  • chameleons

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