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Mother's Day is May 12, 2024

Happy Mother's Day to all of you hard-working moms out there! If you're looking for some tried and true ways to help you celebrate this year, look no further! Most moms enjoy flowers, cards, and being treated to lunch or dinner. However, the trick is simply to know your mom! Is she a mom with young children who would appreciate a quiet afternoon? Or, does she have older children that she would love spending some quality time with? What kinds of things does she like best? If she loves to read, consider getting her a gift card to the bookstore. Wrap it up with a new or handmade bookmark. Or, include a new tote bag for carrying books. If your mom knows that you took a moment and put a little thought into whatever it is you do for her today, it will make all the difference.

More Mother's Day Ideas

  • Give her a picture frame with a family picture or a picture of the kids. Personalize the frame, decorate it, or make your own.

  • Make a mini photo album or scrapbook filled with favorite memories with your mom.

  • Get a personalized piece of jewelry, maybe one that includes her children's birthstones.

  • Get one or two of her children's art projects framed.

  • Does she like art? Go to a painting class or a ceramic studio.

  • Get tickets to the theater or a concert.

  • If she loves flowers, bring her some! There are subscription services that deliver them where you pick how often you want them sent.

  • Take her out (or make) her favorite meal...and if you stay in, be sure to clean up.

  • Make her a gratitude jar. Have everyone in the family write reasons they are thankful for Mom on tiny pieces of paper. Then, fold them up and put them in a mason jar tied with a pretty ribbon.

  • Clean for her. Pick something you know she doesn't particularly love to do and do it for her this week. Another idea is to take her car and clean it inside and out.

  • Treat her to a spa day. It could be a mani-pedi or a full-service facial and massage!

  • If she enjoys nature, take her on a picnic where there is a pretty walking trail. Or get her a new birdbath.

  • If she likes to be pampered a little, consider filling a pretty wicker basket with some products like lotion, lip balm, a new silk pillowcase, some of her favorite treats, and a soft blanket.

All moms LOVE anything that their kids make for them!

You can make beautiful handprint flower pictures for a cute framed picture or a handmade card. Spread-out fingers make big petals and a closed-finger handprint will look like a tulip! If you use fabric paint, you could use this idea to make Mom a cute t-shirt or tote bag.

Fingerprints also make cute flower petals! This works well on smaller spaces like cards, bookmarks, or mugs.

To make a mug: Get a plain white mug. Use different colors of enamel glass paint to paint on stems and different colors of fingerprint flower petals. Then, paint over the mug with Modgepodge dishwasher-safe gloss.


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