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National Book Lovers Day is August 9, 2023!

If you're anything like me, you LOVE books. But do you love books, or do you LOVE LOVE books? I used to go into the bookstore or the library in the early afternoon and be surprised that it was dark when I came out. Has anyone else ever had this experience? Here are some quick questions to run through to see if you might be a bibliophile.

Are You a Bibliophile?

If this list of things sounds a lot like you, then you probably

are a lover of books, a bibliophile!

  • You own tons of books, but it will never stop you from getting more

  • You have no problem reading for hours

  • You treat books like they are people

  • You can quote tons of books

  • You lose time in bookstores and libraries- and you are not ashamed of it

  • The smell of books makes you happy

  • You often have a book with you

  • You get angry if anyone mistreats a book

  • You can pretty much read anywhere

  • You dream about the library that you will "one day" have in your home

  • You often got caught as a kid up past your bedtime reading with a flashlight

  • The thought of getting rid of any of your books makes you feel ill - they are your friends

  • Most of the time you just can't get on board with the movie adaptation

  • You think that Belle is the coolest Disney princess ever

  • You spend more time than others thinking about and organizing your books

Never fear! Being a bibliophile offers several advantages in addition to merely loving books. Reading can promote empathy, according to research, by allowing us to connect with characters' different perspectives and emotions. This may result in an increase in empathy and understanding for other people.

Reading has also been connected to higher cognitive abilities like a greater vocabulary, better memory retention, and better problem-solving capabilities. Also, by offering a getaway from daily life and encouraging relaxation, it helps lower stress levels. Hooray for books!!!

Here are just a few ways to celebrate National Book Lovers Day:

  • Start or join a book club

  • Spend the day at the library or your favorite bookstore

  • Check social media to see what others are reading

  • Celebrate your favorite author: join them on Facebook or Instagram, post a picture of your favorite books by them on social media, and give them a shout out

  • Reread an old favorite

  • Donate some books

  • Leave some book reviews (Your reviews greatly benefit writers, publishers, and other readers.)

  • Organize your bookshelves

Stories have always been an important part of my life. But now, they have actually changed my life. If you'd like to learn more about how I was inspired to write my own stories, you can read about it in my blog post here:

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