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National Children's Craft Day is on March 14th, 2024!

Kids in the 1800s had to make do with whatever materials they had available. They didn't have the convenience of running out to the store to pick up a few crafting supplies like today. Most of the time, crafting was also something that taught them a skill that they used throughout their lives. Boys might whittle a toy soldier or spinning top to play with, while girls might sew clothes for a doll out of scrap material. Many times crafting was actually making useful items for their household like quilts. Try out a couple of the toys that kids in the 1800s used to make!

How to Make a Peg Doll


  • Old-fashioned round clothespins

  • scraps of fabric

  • scissors

  • Optional: glue, yarn, markers


  • Use the scissors to cut the fabric into different sizes that will wrap around the clothespin as clothing, bonnets, etc.

  • Optional: glue on the outfit that you created or create several so that the doll can change clothes.

  • Optional: glue yarn on for hair and use markers to draw on a face.

How to make marbles


  • Air dry clay You can use white if decorating, several different colors, or a terra cotta color for an authentic clay color.

  • Optional: Washable tempera paint or markers


  • Use the clay to roll different sizes of marbles. Make as many as you wish.

  • Let the marbles dry completely in the sun (or follow the directions for the clay)

  • Optional: Use paint or markers to decorate your marbles however you like.

Note: if you happen to live somewhere that you can dig up your own clay (and you are just that ambitious, then go for it!)

Why do crafts with your kids? (Other than it's fun)

  • It encourages creativity! Crafting allows children to think creatively and come up with original ideas for their projects.

  • Crafting activities use small tools and materials, which help enhance hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities.

  • Crafting frequently asks children to solve challenges that emerge throughout the process, which improves their problem-solving abilities.

  • It increases self-expression. Crafting allows kids to express themselves and highlight their own characteristics through their crafts.

  • Doing crafts can also help kids of all ages learn patience and boost self-esteem!

  • Doing crafts can relieve stress and is even a mood booster. What's better than that?


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