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National Pet Rock Day is September 3, 2023!

The perfect pet?

Are you allergic to animals? Do you travel a lot? Then a pet rock just might be the perfect pet for you! Unwind by rubbing your smooth pet rock's surface and tell it all about your day. A pet rock is a great listener! It also travels well! You never have to have a pet carrier and they don't cost extra! Can you imagine thinking up the idea of the pet rock and having millions of people buy it? That's what happened to creator Gary Dahl in 1975. They sold for $4 each, which today would be like paying around $18 a piece!

How to Celebrate National Pet Rock Day

1. Make your own Pet Rock. Find a round, preferably flat smooth rock, give it some eyes and you have yourself a pet! Of course, you can be as creative as you want in how your pet looks!

2. Host a Pet Rock Beauty Pageant: Dress up your pet rock in its finest attire and have it strut its stuff in front of judges. Award prizes for categories like Best Dressed, Most Unique, and Most Talented.

3. Have a Pet Rock Picnic: Pack a lunch and head to your local park with your pet rock. Enjoy the sunshine and fresh air while bonding with your low-maintenance companion.

4. Create Pet Rock Art: Use paint, markers, or other craft supplies to decorate your pet rock. Get creative and see what kind of unique designs you can come up with!

5. Play Pet Rock Games: Set up an obstacle course for your pet rock or play a game of Pet Rock Bowling. Use your imagination to come up with fun games and challenges for your pet rock.

6. Pet Rock Meditation: Take some time to relax and meditate with your pet rock. Focus on its calming presence and let go of any stress or worries you may have.

7. Pet Rock Adventure: Take your pet rock on a mini adventure, such as a hike or a trip to the beach. Snap some photos and document your pet rock's travels.

What other fun ideas can you come up with today?

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