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Nature Photography Day is June 15, 2024!

Everyone always seems to be busy with one thing or another. Today gives us the chance to stop and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us every day. This day wasn't just created for photographers, it was created for everyone to pause momentarily and take in the amazing views that nature provides us with every time we walk out our doors. This is a wonderful chance to spend some time outside with your kids and give them a chance to learn to love all it has to offer. You may find out that photography is super fun too!

Here are some amazing ideas on how to spend Nature Photography Day with your kids!

Talk about all the different ways to take photos. Practice taking photos from different angles (near, far, from the side, on the ground, from above, etc). Discuss focus and zoom. Try out different lighting. What do things look like in photos with the sun in front of them as opposed to the sun behind them? Talk about the golden hour, which is the time soon after dawn or before sunset when natural light is gentle and warm. This lighting produces a lovely glow and highlights the colors in their photographs.

  • Look at different pictures of nature to get some ideas of what to take pictures of

  • Photograph different flowers around your neighborhood

  • Write a story about your favorite photo or photos

  • Photograph things that are your favorite color

  • Turn your favorite photos into postcards or notecards and send them to friends and family

  • Get a frame for one or two of your favorite photos

  • After you've taken several photos, get doubles made. Then, laminate them and play memory!

  • Make a photo collage

  • Think up creative things that your kids can photograph like clouds, the tiniest thing they can find, something amazing, or something smooth.

  • Make a photo scrapbook or journal

  • Plan a trip somewhere to take lots of nature photographs like the beach or lake, a park, a botanical garden, hiking, or somewhere at sunset.

  • Make a photo map: If you are going somewhere like hiking or on a road trip, take pictures along the way. When you get home make a map out of them to remember your trip!

  • Photograph all the details: Pick one object to photograph. Then, take as many detailed pictures of it as you can. For example, if you're photographing a tree, take a picture of it from far away and up close. Take pictures of the leaves, the branches, and the bark. Take a picture from underneath looking up into the leaves. You get the idea.

  • Do a Nature Photo Scavenger Hunt!


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