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New Year, New Commitment & Putting the “S” in a Scandinavian Breakfast

I think we can all say that 2020 didn’t exactly turn out the way we thought. My buddy J.J. Johnson and I looked back at our 2020 resolutions and it was pretty funny how far off we were.

I suspect you might have had a similar experience.

One of my challenges with a New Year’s resolution is it feels more like a revolution, it’s going to just come back around again next year to the same starting point. So this year I’ve decided to change the word I’m using to describe the changes in my life. I’m making a commitment for the first 100 days of 2021 to live a healthy lifestyle.

That means three things to me. I’m going to:

  • Eat according to the Trim Healthy Mama Plan

  • Stretch and exercise six days a week

  • Sit down with my wife, and eat dinner together daily including a devotional time

So how’s that different than a resolution you might ask? It sure sounds like a New Year’s resolution. For me, the word commitment is something I’m going to do…period. It’s something I’ve shared with a lot of people and feel personally accountable to others to get it done. In the past, I have to say this particular commitment would have been nearly impossible, with my travel schedule. The road warrior life just created too many barriers to success. But as it stands we’re going to be at least 100 days into 2021 if not into the fall before I’m on the road again, so it’s a commitment I know I can keep.

With that in mind here’s my on-plan first meal of 2021. It's patterned after a traditional Scandinavian breakfast because minus the bread to make it a Trim Healthy Mama “S” meal. What I like about this breakfast is it’s super fast to make and that it’s nibbling food. I can whip this up in about a minute and get right to work writing something like this blog post.


  • A deck of card size of sliced meats