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November 20, 2023, is National Absurdity Day!

National Absurdity Day celebrates the ridiculous, nonsensical, and absurd parts of life. It's a day to let go of seriousness and revel in the thrill of embracing the outrageous.

Why Should We Celebrate Absurdity?

Embracing the absurd can give us a feeling of lightheartedness and fun in our lives. It may help us in releasing tension and negativity and focusing on the present moment. Celebrating absurdity may also foster creativity and imagination by encouraging us to think outside the box and experiment with new ideas.

Have some absurd fun!

  • dress backward, mismatched, or with clothes inside out

  • talk in a singing voice for the day

  • have ice cream for breakfast

  • make up a new word and use it all day (adjectives work great)

  • use different accents when you speak

  • watch absurd shows like SpongeBob or Alice in Wonderland

  • paint with pudding, then eat some pudding with your hands

  • see who can build the most absurd structure with blocks, Legos, or Jello jigglers

  • build an absurd indoor obstacle course. Make several stopping points where absurd things must happen. For example: gargling a cup of water at the sink, standing on your head for 5 seconds, balancing on one foot while saying the alphabet backward, doing a somersault and then saying a tongue twister 3 times, eating a marshmallow while chirping like a bird. (The more absurd, the better!)

  • send silly emails or jokes to your friends and family (maybe type them backward or in Pig Latin)

  • eat dinner under the table

  • read silly books like Dragons Love Tacos or The Book With No Pictures

  • take off your shoes and socks and "skate" on paper plates (works well on carpet and wood floors)

  • have a sock ball fight

  • play games backward:

Hide and seek: one person hides and everyone seeks

Pictionary: everyone draws and one person guesses

Uno: the person with the highest point total wins

Charades: Everyone acts out the clue and one person guesses

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