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Sesame Street Day is November 10th, 2023!

Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett founded Sesame Street in 1969 with the purpose of delivering educational programming for children that was both amusing and enlightening. With its creative concept and a broad array of characters, the program immediately became a cultural sensation, grabbing the hearts of both children and adults. Find your inner child today and have some fun celebrating this fun holiday!

Amazing Sesame Street Day Activities

  • Build Big Bird's nest in your living room with pillows and watch some episodes of Sesame Street

  • Read some Sesame Street books. My favorite is There's a Monster at the End of This Book.

  • Put some bird seed in a bin for sensory play

  • Go grocery shopping and count things like the Count ( you're sure to get some laughs)

  • Make paper plate faces colored or painted like your favorite Sesame Street characters

  • Print off coloring sheets of Sesame Street and do some coloring together

  • Make some cookies and eat them like Cookie Monster! Be sure to save some to share.

  • Buy some little rubber duckies, then hide them and have a duck hunt! Give an extra little prize to the person who finds the one with Ernie's name on it.

  • Take a bubble bath with the rubber duckies like Ernie

  • Have a Sesame Street Songs Karaoke night. Break out all the old favorites like C is for Cookie, Rubber Duckie, and I Love Trash.

  • Using alphabet cookie cutters, make some of your food in letter shapes today. You could cut out things like sandwiches, sugar cookies, jello, or cheese.

  • Play pin the nose on Elmo

  • Play "Brought to you by the letter ___." Pick a letter and take turns trying to name as many things that start with that letter as possible. The last person that can name one is the winner.

  • Have a trash can toss in honor of Oscar. Use a small trash can and use bean bags or paper balls and challenge your friends or family members!

Mr. Hooper's Memory Games:


Cut several square pieces of white construction paper out that are the same size. Think of items that you would buy at Mr. Hooper's store and then draw 2 identical of each of the items that you choose on the squares. The object is to turn the square cards face down and mix them up. Players each get one turn to flip two cards to try to find a match. If they do, they get a second turn. Players with the most matches wins.

I Went Shopping in Mr. Hooper's Store:

The first player starts by saying, " I went shopping in Mr. Hooper's store and I bought..." They choose an item that they would buy in the store, like ice cream. The second player follows with the same exact wording saying what the first player bought and then adding what they would buy. (...and I bought ice cream and a banana.) This continues until players start dropping out because they can no longer remember the list. The last one standing wins.

What's Missing?

Pretend that you have just gone shopping at Mr. Hooper's store. Show the players several items that you have just bought. You can use actual items or picture cards. Only show them the items for a short amount of time. Then, turn your back and remove one of the items. See if they can figure out which one is missing. You can do this as a group or an individual competition.

Play our fun Sesame Street Slide Puzzle Below:

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