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Thanksgiving is on November 23rd, 2023!

What are some of your Thanksgiving family traditions? Do you always watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? Are you always getting into trouble because you are snacking on the goodies before dinner time like me? If you are the cook, then hats off to you! I know that people are going to be very grateful for you this year! We always like to play games when our family gets together for the holidays. Here are a few ideas if you're looking for some Thanksgiving inspiration.

Try out some of these Thanksgiving Ideas

  • play touch football

  • go for a nature walk after dinner

  • watch The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and/or A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

  • color something with fall colors

  • do some leaf rubbings

  • play cards or board games

  • play a game you've never played before

  • play Pin the Feather on the Turkey

  • recreate an old family photo, and be sure to pose exactly the same way!

  • run in a Turkey Trot, or make up your own family races

  • take turns saying what you're thankful for from A-Z. It can be very silly!

  • deliver a meal to someone in need

  • make a Thanksgiving themed scavenger hunt

  • have your kids make place cards for everyone at the Thanksgiving table

Make Handprint Turkeys:

Trace around your hand and color the thumb as the turkey head and the fingers as feathers. Add eyes, beak, waddle, and feat and color as creatively as you wish.

Turkey Tag:

Have kids color the top edges of clothespins in different colors with markers. Add eyes and beaks at the ends so they look a little like turkeys. Then, each player gets a different colored clothespin clipped to the back of their shirt and the game is on! Players try to get each other's clothespins. The player who is last with their clothespin still on wins! Honorable mention to who gets the most clothespins!

Turkey Baster Feather Fight

Each player gets a turkey baster and stands on opposite sides of the table. Put some feathers on the table and say "GO!" Players try to blow the feathers (by squeezing the baster) onto the other person's side of the table. The person with the least amount of feathers on their side of the table when someone says "STOP," wins.

Turkey Waddle Race

All racers must put a balloon between their knees. If it falls out while racing, they must stop and put it back before continuing. The first one across the finish line wins.

Pumpkin Hunt

Instead of an Easter Egg hunt, hide mini pumpkins and/or gourds. You can do this inside or out if the weather doesn't cooperate.

Donut Turkeys

Use small glazed donuts as the body. Place 3 or 4 toothpicks in the top of the donut on one side. Use Fruit Loops to put on the toothpicks to decorate them as the turkey's feathers. Then on the front of the donut use a little frosting to stick on some candy eyes and half a Fruit Loop for the beak. Turkey for breakfast!

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