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August 19, 2023, is International Geocaching Day!

Do your kids love a good treasure hunt? Do they like being outside? Do you like free activities that give your kids some exercise? Well, try geocaching on for size!

All you need is your cell phone and a little sense of adventure! You use your phone to help you find hidden caches, which may be in anything from a standard plastic container to a tiny film container. You don't need to travel far, you can find the caches almost anywhere you go, in parks, nature trails, city streets, even underwater!

How to Geocache

  1. Create a free account at Here they have videos and tutorials on how to geocache. Download the app to your phone. If you choose they have a premium option which costs money and gives you more options (more caches & more difficulty). However, there is a lot to choose from with the free account if you are just starting out, especially with younger kids.

  2. Open the app and choose a geocache. Follow the directions on the phone. Some have clues and hints if you want to use them. Click the green start arrow once you've chosen your geocache. It will lead you to it!

  3. As you get closer, zoom in on the map so that you stay on track.

  4. When the warning goes off on the app, start looking around for hiding places that the cache might be in. Remember it could be average size or very small.

  5. When you find the cache sign the logbook and check out the contents. You may only take something if you leave something of equal value.

  6. Close the container tightly and put it back EXACTLY where you found it.

  7. When you're done, click on the big green button that says “Log Geocache” and record your find. You can record different information there about your experience, but don't give away any secrets!

Helpful tips:

  • Bring your own pen or pencils and a small notebook in case theirs don't work or the current logbook is full.

  • Bring some trinkets to leave: stickers, gold coins, painted rocks, action figures, dollar store toys, etc.

  • Even if you feel that you cannot take something, you can always leave something. :)

  • HAVE FUN!!!

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