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January 11th, 2024, is Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day!

Have you ever wanted to learn a secret code? When I was a kid I loved trying to solve codes! We used to try to send secret messages to each other using Morse Code on our walkie-talkies by way of that loud squelchy button that made a very obnoxious beeping noise. As you can imagine, it never worked out so well. Another fun way to try Morse Code is with flashlights! Start out with one word and work your way up to longer messages once you get the hang of it.

I've left you a message. You can decode it by using the Morse Code key below. Slashes are between each letter. Then you can use the code to send more secret messages to your friends. Have fun!


... / .... / .. / -. /. / / -.-- / --- / ..- /.-.

/ .-.. / .. / --. / .... / -

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