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National Kitten Day is July 10, 2023!

We're here today to talk about kittens, a subject that is very dear to us. On National Kitten Day, we honor these charming felines who won our hearts with their cute little purrs and curiosity.

National Kitten Day is a chance to celebrate these adorable and cuddly animals and to spread awareness of their needs. There is something unique about kittens that draws our attention and our emotions, whether you've always been a cat person or you just discovered the wonder of a furry feline friend. So let's pause a moment to think about what kittens mean to us on National Kitten Day.

Thanks to the efforts of animal welfare organizations and cat enthusiasts nationwide, National Kitten Day was first observed in 2015. The day was established to honor the joy these wonderful animals bring to our lives and spread awareness of the significance of kitten adoption.

Since then, National Kitten Day has become increasingly well-known and is observed by millions worldwide. On this day, people post sweet images and videos of kittens on social media, give to their neighborhood shelters, and encourage others to take these little cuties home.

Many people find kittens irresistible because of their adorable faces, fun attitudes, and velvety fur. However, their appeal is based on more than just their charm.

According to studies, engaging with cats—including kittens—can improve our mental health. Playing with them helps lower blood pressure, stress, and anxiety levels. Additionally, it has been discovered that their purring relaxes people; for this reason, they are often used in therapeutic settings.

If you don't already have a kitten you might consider adopting one from a shelter near you. It will help the shelter reduce overcrowding and save the little guy from an uncertain fate. Our cat Libby is a shelter find and she's now 20 years old!

There are several ways to honor National Kitten Day, including volunteering at a shelter, adopting a kitten or cat, or just posting adorable kitten images on social media. Let's unite to show these furry friends how much we care and how much we appreciate them!

Did you know that Lauren from the Towers of Light Series has a best friend named Meow Meow? He's right up there in that picture, and he's a total cutie! Not only that, he has an uncanny ability to show up right when he's needed. Are you wondering what a tiny little kitten could do to help out three children fighting the Darkness? Well, it's quite a lot for such a small one. You'll have to pick up a copy of Light of Mine and find out. Meow Meow is becoming quite popular!

Play our Meow Meow jigsaw puzzle below:

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