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Frugal Fun Day is October 7th!

Everyone is invited to Frugal Fun Day! Who says you have to spend a lot of money to have fun? Some of my best childhood memories are of spending time playing with my family! We never had the money to take expensive vacations, but there was quality time spent in a blanket fort with our imaginations and I was just as happy! You may be thinking that the term 'frugal' doesn't sound like the most thrilling word in the English language. But believe me when I say that once you start looking into all the fantastic things you can do on a budget, you'll be shocked at how much fun you can have without spending a lot of money. So get ready to be inspired, get ready to be creative, and most importantly, get ready to have fun.

Check out all of these FREE ideas to have FUN with your family:

  • Go to the park/playground

  • Go for a picnic

  • Take a hike

  • Play with sidewalk chalk and bubbles

  • Go for a bike ride

  • Go on a scavenger hunt

  • Play Charades or Pictionary

  • Outside kid’s game day: Hula hoop and Limbo contests, hopscotch, frisbee, freeze tag, Simon Says, etc.

  • Get out that Twister game! If it’s warm enough, take it outside and add a little something slippery to the mat for an extra twist!

  • Hunt for different fall leaves and then make leaf rubbings

  • Have a pumpkin carving contest

  • Go and visit someone

  • Do some baking or cook a new recipe

  • Give each other makeovers (these could be serious or crazy)

  • Try Geocaching August 19, 2023, is International Geocaching Day! (

  • Build a blanket and pillow fort

  • Build a fort outside

  • Fly a kite

  • Camp in the backyard or just set up the tent in the yard to play in for a while

  • Do some stargazing

  • Have a karaoke night or a lip sync battle

  • Play board games or cards

  • Do lots of art and have an art show

  • Have a leisurely day at the library or browse at the local bookstore

  • Do some yardwork for someone in need

  • Try scrapbooking

  • Have a Lego building competition

  • Host a video game competition

  • Play photographer for the day. Who can capture the most unique photo?

  • Have a movie marathon

  • Organize a game of kickball, volleyball, or any other team game

  • Put on a talent show

  • Play Hide-n-seek

  • Make a time capsule

  • Do some science experiments

  • Make paper airplanes and see how far they’ll fly

  • Make sock puppets, stick puppets, or paper bag puppets and put on a show

  • See who can build the tallest house out of playing cards

  • Make a giant “laser maze” by tying yarn to everything, then see if you can maneuver your way through the maze

  • Make a cardboard box maze or fort

  • Do a jigsaw puzzle

  • Learn how to sew something

  • Play pretend: your couch or bed can be anything (a boat, a time machine, or a huge dinosaur!)

  • Turn your kitchen into a “restaurant.” What will your kids be serving today?

  • Have a family sleepover in the living room (plan fun activities for the evening)

  • Have a tea party, make it fancy, and invite friends or stuffed animals

  • Play with playdough, sculpting clay, or kinetic sand

  • See how good you are at hitting different targets with Nerf guns, then have a Nerf war

  • Build a domino relay

  • Play marbles

  • Color or paint some bright pictures and drop them off at a retirement community

  • Go outside and look at the clouds. See who can find the coolest shape

  • Learn how to do a magic trick

  • Make a movie on your phone

  • Make a birdfeeder

  • Run a lemonade stand

  • Wash your car with lots of soapy buckets

  • Make your own mini golf course Make Your Own Mini Golf Course for World Mini Golf Day on Sept. 21st (

  • Play flashlight tag (this works inside or out)

  • Get some Hot Wheels cars and make some new tracks for them. Have races!

  • Visit your town’s visitor’s center. You might learn about a new fun thing to do!

I'm sure that you can think up many more ideas to have lots of frugal fun together.

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